About us

The cleaning service PORTWISH is based on the principles of clients' health protection and environmental protection.

With the emphasis on ecology and sustainability, we offer the following services:

∙  deep cleaning

∙  steam cleaning and disinfection

ecological household cleaning

ozone disinfection

ecological cleaning for business
window cleaning

machine floor cleaning

high-pressuer cleaning

leather cleaning

Interview for Denník N.
In households and companies he deep-cleans surfaces, washes windows and works mainly with a steam cleaner. "It can go really into deep, killing bacteria, mites. 95 percent of it is done by water vapor," says Šelesták.

Viktor Šelesták studied photography and worked as a cameraman in television, but he decided to start a cleaning service that works with ecological cleaning products, for example even with ordinary vinegar and baking soda.

Full article: www.dennikn.sk

Interview for Denník N.
"Cleaning is perceived as something inferior, for me it was a challenge," says Viktor Šelesták.

(weekend edition of Denník N, March 2024)

"Cleanliness can be achieved even without dangerous chemicals. Listen to the story of Viktor Šelesták, a photographer and cameraman, who decided to do business in a completely different field and founded the
Portwish cleaning service."

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Watch and listen: www.youtube.com

Forbes DNA

"We meet successful people every day. Many of them talk about happy coincidences that helped them succeed. However, they all have one thing in common - courage. Some are born brave, some are not. Fortunately, courage can be found in a variety of places.

Each of the four people you´ll read about in the Forbes magazine article looked for it in a different place. Filip Jovanovič was born brave. Viktor Šelesták found confidence in his skills, which gave him self- confidence. Martina Horváthová was not deterred by obstacles and Mária Švarbová fell in love with photography."

Video spot: www.youtube.com

Forbes article: www.forbes.sk

Interview with FORBES.
"He has been working as a cameraman for commercial television for six years, and his photos were also exhibited in the Slovak National Gallery. However, in 2019, Viktor Šelesták also became a "cleaner", proving that cleanness can be achieved even without harmful chemicals."...

Access the whole article here: www.forbes.sk

Interview with REFRESHER.
"I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and it was there that I learned how to transform my idea into a finished product. Maybe that's why I didn't discover any monster I couldn't deal with when starting a business offering cleaning services." says Viktor Šelesták in his interview.

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We address your requests with VIRTUE and ECOLOGY in mind.

Viktor Šelesták (founder - cleaner PORTWISH)