Questions & answers

I am interested in your services, how should I proceed?

Contact us by phone or via e-mail, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or our contact form. We will consult your requirements, propose a solution, prepare a price offer and find the nearest possible date.

If you are interested in a regular service, we will personally discuss your requirements, agree on intervals, specific services and the price.

What kind of services do you provide?

We offer our clients ecological cleaning of homes and businesses, deep cleaning, steam cleaning, ozone disinfection, window cleaning and machine floor cleaning.

Who are your potential clients?

Families and households, companies and business premises, offices, schools and kindergartens, children's clubs, restaurants, hotels and Airbnb, various organizations, studios and galleries, showrooms, etc.

Do you provide post-construction cleaning?

No, we do not provide post-construction and pre-final approval cleaning.

How to find out the price calculation?

The pricing of the provided services is published on our website.

In case of companies, schools and other organizations, or in case of specific requirements, we will issue you a preliminary quotation after a personal inspection of the space / telephone consultation / after sending photographic documentation of the space to e-mail (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram).

How and when is payment for services made?

For one-time service, by payment to the bank account done after providing our services, based on the issued invoice.

For regular service, at the end of the month by payment to the bank account, based on the issued invoice (we send the inovice by e-mail or by post to the address).

Do you provide a regular cleaning service?

Ecological cleaning can be arranged in weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals, or according to the agreement with the client. The client determines which cleaning services they are interested in on a given date. We will discuss suitable solutions, agree on the price of the service.

Do you use your own cleaning products for cleaning?

We work with our own ecological cleaning products and cleaning technology. You do not have to worry about anything.

Who can we expect?

The main cleaning unit and the author of the PORTWISH concept is Viktor. In case of a larger volume, he will be joined by a team of certified assistants.

Do you offer services outside of Bratislava?

We provide services in the wider area of Bratislava (Bratislava region), as well as in bordering Hungarian or Austrian cities. Transportation price (there and back) is 0.50 EUR / km from the border of the city of Bratislava.

Are you insured for potential damage? And what if we are not satisfied?

Yes, we have general liability insurance up to EUR 25,000 (Documents section).
In case complaints, contact us - we will promptly remove the inadequacy.

Is it possible for the price of the service to increase?

In case of severe to extreme contamination, we charge +40% up to +100% of the current price list.

On the contrary, is it possible for the price of services to be lower?

Yes, for regular service we provide discounts to our clients.


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