Ozone disinfection for business

Ozone disinfection is an ecological process in which space is disinfected without the use of chemical cleaning products. It has several times stronger disinfecting effects than chlorine, and at the same time it is friendly to the environment and people's healthOzone O3 (active oxygen) can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and parasites in a short time.

Suitable for:

  • apartments and houses
  • kindergartens, schools, children's clubs
  • office premises
  • galleries
  • cafes, restaurants
  • hotels, Airbnb
  • stores
  • hairdressers, massage salons
  • medical facilities
  • veterinary offices
  • fitness centers, sports locker rooms
  • technical premises
  • fruit and vegetable warehouses
  • kitchens, wineries and breweries
  • private and public transport

Ozone can eliminate:

  • bacteria and viruses
  • mites, lice, fleas, insects
  • odor and mold

We will help you eliminate smell after:

  • smoking
  • floods and fires
  • human sweat
  • the smell of animals

Who is ozone disinfection ideal for ?

  • people sensitive to the chemical components of cleaning products
  • people with breathing problems (allergic, asthmatic)
  • people with weakened immunity
  • people who are bothered by the smell in the rooms

Ozone production up to 50,000mg/h.

We measure the ozone levels during and after.

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What does the course itself look like ?

- before disinfection it is necessary to remove plants and pets from the premises

- installation of generators in space, so that the highest possible effect of is ensured

- hermetically closing the space (windows, doors)

- setting the time and amount of ozone production for the given area

- measuring the amount of ozone during application = guaranteed efficiency

No one can enter the room during disinfection!  

After disinfection, residual ozone is measured - entry of others will be possible only after the ozone concentration drops to a safe limit. You can smell the specific ozone "smell" of the disinfection itself in the room for one to two days, depending on the time-length of ozone application and on the possibilities for ventilation.

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