Steam cleaning and disinfection

We recommend using steam cleaning for households and families with children, people suffering from various respiratory problems and allergies, pets.

Suitable for:

  • removing bacteria and viruses
  • removes limescale, grouting contamination
  • eliminates mold in bathrooms and shower stalls

  • cleans tiles, floors, glass surfaces
  • kitchens, bathrooms, sanitary facilities

  • refrigerators, stoves, cooker hoods, freezers

  • cleans waste siphons, faucets, sinks

  • disinfects textile and mattresses, carpets, upholstered objects

  • children's toys, strollers, walkers, car seats

  • garden furniture and grills

What are the advantages of using a steam cleaner ?

  • steam cleaning is ecological, without use of any chemicals

  • steam with a temperature of up to 160 degrees to achieve the cleanliness of almost every surface in the home
  • strong pressure enable access to hardly accessible places
  • steam evaporates faster than water, so surfaces dry faster

Kärcher's tests have shown that steam cleaning and disinfection removes 99.9% of enveloped viruses such as coronavirus or influenza (except Hep-B) on common smooth hard surfaces . More information..

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